The Gifts of Marriage

Gifts are on the minds of many with Black Friday and Cyber Monday descending upon us in spectacular fashion. We are nudged into the holiday gift buying experience with vigor as advertisers tell us what we must buy. Adding urgency to the situation by telling us the offer is available for a limited time.

This week though, I am thinking about different kinds of gifts. My husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow. With the date approaching, I’ve been thinking of the perfect gift for him for some time now. I nailed it by the way! The past 25 years have flown by like the speed of light. As I reflect upon the times we’ve shared together, I’ve come to have an even greater appreciation for our union than I did when we started this journey together 25 years ago.

Recently, I have watched three incredibly strong women lose their spouses to illness, accident, and unexpected silent thieves of life. Not one of these women are of an age where becoming a widow was on their radar. Not one of these women saw their future without their significant other riding shotgun beside them. And most certainly, not one of these women would change a thing in an effort to avoid the pain they now live with.

The cost of a loving, giving, wonderful relationship is finding that one day you may be without it. This thought should make you want to enjoy the time you have more fully.  Embrace the little moments and give thanks each day that you have your loved one in your life. So today, in recognition of my gratitude for the amazing 25 years I have been able to spend with my husband, I give you my version of the gifts of marriage.

The Gifts of Marriage

Gifts of Marriage

  • A hand to hold without needing a reason to do so.
  • A warm embrace after a long day.
  • An understanding smile that tells you everything will be okay.
  • Conversations that both ignite a fury and a passion within you.
  • Someone you are always at home with no matter where you are.
  • A cheerleader just for you in your very own special corner of the world.
  • A rock! We all need a person in our lives who¬†lets us be crazy, confused, unnerved, frightened, proud, and more. Marriage allows us this in the comfort of a safe environment.
  • A sounding board. When you have someone in your life who not only wants to listen to your concerns but also wants to solve them, that is love.
  • Knowing you can be in silence and remain completely comfortable.
  • A best friend to dream with.
  • A partner to work beside.
  • Someone who is aware of all your quirks and still loves you anyway.

The biggest gift a marriage has to offer though,

is a knowing that we are loved. Fully and completely, without boundaries and without exception. Marriage is the gift that keeps on giving. The only thing you have to do is appreciate it, delight in it, honour it, and carry the spirit of it with you wherever you go.

Happy 25th anniversary Dave! You are all of these things and so much more to me and there is no one I would rather spend my life with than you.

Love always,

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