Reviewed By Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite¬†

5 Stars
Becoming Mrs. Smith is full of happiness and sorrow, taking me back in time and pulling me right into the pages of the story. It was impossible not to feel Violet’s misery as well as her joy. Tanya E Williams is a superb writer who brought the wartime home front alive and Violet, John and the supporting cast became very real people to me. Becoming Mrs. Smith covers love, friendship, small town life and war in a kind and thoughtful story that is hard to put down. I am anxiously awaiting a follow-up book to join with my new friends again. Please do not pass up reading Becoming Mrs. Smith.

Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Review
“Tanya Williams displays a dual perspective of Bernice’s behavior and the effect her negative attitude has on those around her, giving a more accurate view of her personality. I found this novel interesting as Williams shows two sisters with the same background growing up completely differently, revealing that the outcome coincides with the outlook one has on life.”
~ Readers’ Favorite Reviewer