Mindful Mondays – Week 42 – Mindfulness in a Snowstorm

Have you ever noticed the magic of being lulled into oblivion by a snowstorm? This past weekend we traveled to Idaho for a Jazz festival that our son was participating in. The first day of travel was pleasant. Though snow adorned the hills and valleys, the roads were clear and safe passage was granted.

The following day as we traveled from our hotel to the festival site, the roads were far less forgiving. A semi truck jack-knifed on an exit ramp was an eerie reminder of what can happen during travel through a snowstorm. It was however, the journey home the next day that made me question one’s ability to be mindful while driving.

White was everywhere. In the air, on the hills, covering the highway. The white out conditions were mesmerizing at best and treacherous at worst. I will admit, I am a nervous passenger by nature. Yet even I found myself being sucked into the vacuum that was the lull of the snowstorm.

Being mindful is often thought of as taking time throughout the day to reflect, be still, and be present. As we crept our way along the highway like a trail of ants destined for the same ant hill, I was struck by the notion of how thoughts, goals, and potential deadlines might be the motivating force for others traveling the same roads.

Mindfulness in a Snowstorm

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