Simplifying the Holidays

Simplifying the holidays. I am guessing with eight days remaining before the big day, simplifying the holidays suddenly sounds like a great idea! Of course every holiday season comes with its own challenges and stages of life. When my son was small for example, the holidays were a spectacle to be witnessed through the wide eyes of a child. No matter how chaotic those days were, I wouldn’t have missed them for the world.

For the past several Christmas’ I have chosen to take more stress out of the season so I can enjoy the moments that matter. I bake far less than I ever used to. I enjoy conversation over chaos. And I make the entire month about giving joy to others, regardless of what is going on around me.

No matter what holiday celebration you enjoy, the season inevitably comes down to sharing moments with loved ones. This year I took it a step further when a friend suggested we refrain from giving each other gifts, and instead make a date and spend time together. This was quite literally a new level of enjoyment that we plan to repeat next holiday season.

Simplifying The Holidays

It doesn’t matter if you have two hours or ten. Getting together with those who make you smile is never wasted time. This holiday season, I have enjoyed a busier than usual schedule. Coincidently my stress level is still in good standing. The only thing I can attest to my reduction in stress is the people I’ve been surrounded by. 

For me simplifying the holidays means eliminating the unnecessary and filling my schedule with happy occasions, good friends, and great conversation. May the season bless you with all of the above.

Happy Holidays!

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