Mindful Mondays – Week 65 – Pure Joy!

Joy, that effervescent feeling of bliss that has the ability to radiate through our entire being like a lightning bolt. It can be fleeting in a moment, but the memory of a joy filled moment can last a lifetime. 

This past weekend, I was fortunate to find myself in two separate situations where joy was in the works. Neither of these occasions consisted of my own personal accomplishment nor were they the result of my own joyful experience, yet both of them created a sense of well being within me. Joy has the ability to be contagious and it is this magical element of the emotion that continues to inspire me to seek more of it. 

Facial expressions tend to be the first indicator that joy is present. An individual filled with the emotion doesn't simply smile, they beam from every corner of their being. Their body language shows an openness along with a sense of ease. A person feeling this bliss is experiencing one of the sweetest spots in life. 

Joy is often evident on the faces and movements of small children. They delight in the little things in life. The caterpillar wriggling its way down the sidewalk or the puppy that stopped to lick their face. Children do not have the same life oriented distractions as adults, so living in the moment comes naturally to them.

Natural or not, we all need to incorporate joy into our daily lives. So here are a few tips to guide you to a more joyful day.

Joy Tip #1

Take note of what is going on around you. Even if you are not in a current state of joyfulness, chances are someone else may be. So look up, scan the crowd. Seek out images of children, animals, groups of individuals sharing a laugh. Joy is all around us, we just have to invite it into our own awareness to be a part of the experience.

Joy Tip #2

Go back in time. Find a memory of a situation where you felt joy. Sit in quiet contemplation and see it in your mind. Feel the emotion by using all of your senses to immerse yourself into that time where it emanated from within you. A trip down memory lane, can be restorative for the spirit while adding a deep sense of happiness to your day.

Joy Tip #3

Fake it till you make it. Smile! Yes, smiling even when you don't feel like it, boosts your level of joy. Smiling has the ability to change your mood, your outlook on a situation, and quite possibly the path of your day. You have complete control over how you view the world around you. Why not try putting on a smile and add a little joy to any situation.

Wishing you a day filled to the brim with joy!

I hope the blog has brightened your day. Thanks for visiting.