Mindful Mondays – Week 61 – Gearing Up for Another Book Launch

Book launches are very much like welcoming a newborn into your life. I have created, nurtured, and loved my story through the months. The physical discomforts of editing are very real. The story has stretched my mind in ways I hadn’t considered prior to this point. Yet as the time nears to present the book to the world, the worry of how it will be perceived begins to percolate in the far corners of my brain.

Excitement is the dominate emotion cursing through my veins but fear exists there too. What if this book is different from the first one? Hint, hint, it most certainly is. What if readers of Becoming Mrs. Smith, those who fell in love with Violet and her struggle, despise Bernice? What if the words I’ve written don’t move you as they did me while writing it?

Much of what I fret about comes down to an individual reader’s personal preference. I have absolutely no control over whether you lap up every word of Stealing Mr. Smith or whether you wish to toss it across the room. A book is both an expression of what an author wants to say as well as a creation all its own. The writing process is co-creative with the characters, the setting, and more, that the end result is not always what the author had in mind in the first place.

As I begin to contemplate and prepare for the interview questions that are sure to come my way once Stealing Mr. Smith launches, I am taken back in time to the beginning. Why did I want to write this story? What is the character’s motive? What is the thread of consciousness as a writer, I want the reader to sense? Good questions, every single one of them. Questions, none-the-less, I will need to dig deep into the quiet of my own heart in order to grasp the answers firmly before launch day.

So with all the excitement, emotions, and seeking going on in my own brain, here are the real, tangible things I am working on as we near closer to the launch of Stealing Mr. Smith.

Book Launch Task Number One:

Readers really do judge a book by its cover. The cover of a book tells a story of what the reader can expect. Specific genres of books have a certain look to them. If a book cover is done well, the reader automatically knows what genre the book fits into without having to read any further.

The cover for Stealing Mr. Smith is undergoing a few tweaks. I have zero ability to draw, paint, or create visually, so while I stick to writing, my trusted cover designer is hard at work creating something spectacular for the next title.

Book Launch Task Number Two:

Writing the back cover copy or the blurb as it is referred to in the industry. When a reader picks up a copy of a book, it is most likely first due to the cover design. But as soon as that image has made an imprint on the reader’s mind, without much fanfare, the reader flips the book over to the back cover to read the “blurb”.

Writing the book blurb is by far the most difficult aspect of writing the entire book. As silly as it seems, condensing a story down to elicit an “I want to read more” response is beyond painful. As the author, I know the entirety of the story. In fact, I know the background, the reasons why the character chooses this or that. I posses almost too much information and thus writing a brief overview without giving anything away is the one task I tend to dawdle around.

Book Launch Task Number Three:

Writing the acknowledgements. I find myself continually grateful for those who give of themselves both in my writing life and my personal one. The creation of a book does not occur in a vacuum. I write in the real world where aspects of daily life become a part of what I am writing.

When I sit down to write the acknowledgements, I sit down with a box of tissues as well. Often times, a story will bring me to tears as I write. But nothing compares to the tears I shed when I write the acknowledgements. Gratitude spills out of me and onto the page. It is most certainly a good problem to have as it means I have been blessed to live this life.

Book Launch Task Number Four:

I build a launch team. A launch team is a group of readers who are keen to receive an advanced electronic copy of my book. These readers are instrumental in spotting any errors that may exist and support the release with reviews, social media engagement and more.

A book launch is only as good as the launch team that supports it. I am well underway in creating the list of early readers and reviewers who have shown an interest in reading Stealing Mr. Smith. If you too, would like to join the launch team, shoot me an email at info@ripplingeffects.ca with your request to be an early reader/reviewer and I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can.

Book Launch Task Number Five:

Getting readers excited about a new book is kind of like going into outer space without a rocket. Navigating the most suitable course of action is a full time job on its own. I am never certain of what will or won’t work as I attempt to showcase a new title.

Every launch teaches me something new. I am often surprised as it is the simplest of approaches that garner the most exciting results. For the launch of Stealing Mr. Smith, one of my goals is to grow my following on my author BookBub profile site. BookBub can be an author’s best friend, but in order for it to work exceptionally well, an author needs a minimum of 1,000 followers.

Stealing Mr. Smith

So here is my request. Visit my profile on BookBub and click “Follow”. You will receive updates about release dates, sale pricing, and more. If you want to enter a prize draw, head on over to my Facebook page, find the BookBub post with the exact same image as above. Then write a comment on the Facebook post and follow me on BookBub. By writing a comment and following me on BookBub, you will automatically be entered to win a Kindle prize pack once we’ve grown my BookBub following to 1,000 followers or more.

It takes a village to write a book. It also takes one to help get it in the hands of readers just like you. Please feel free to share, re-post, and comment.


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