Mindful Mondays – Week 58 – The Garden of Life

My Garden. My little plot of containers and wood boxes is ever present once again in my mind as the weather warms. As I went about the business of trimming the tomatoes back this morning, I thought about how much life is like a garden.

A garden requires daily attention. Water and sunshine in the correct amounts make the difference between a healthy crop and a meager one. Fertilizer, the super power of the garden, gives us strong, vibrant plants. But it is the time it takes to let a garden grow that is a crucial element to its success.

The Garden of Life

Consider your life. When we are aware enough, we nourish our bodies daily with good food and clean water. We know we are supposed to exercise to keep our bones and muscles strong. Some of us meditate with a focus on obtaining balance. We breathe in deeply and exhale any stress. Life requires us to be nimble and responsive to its ebbs and flows.

Though we understand the processes it takes to have a healthy life, there is often one element that we give little credence to. Time. Just like our bodies won’t build desirable, shapely muscles with two days of strength training, our lives require us the time it takes to reach the goals we are aiming for.

Tips for Embracing Time:

  • Make a list of your goals, both the short term and the long term ones. Then reference that list on a monthly basis and make alterations as necessary.
  • Remember to give yourself a pat on the back as you review your list each month and see just how many of the goals you have worked towards.
  • Take action towards finding what it is you want in your garden of life. Life will simply happen to us if we allow it to, so decide what it is you want and make a concerted effort to work towards it.
  • Then sit back and allow things to percolate. Most problem solving occurs after a burst of action as the mind moves on to another task. This is the magic of life. Much like a garden grows by leaps and bounds after a boost of sunshine, a life grows after a burst of action in the quiet moments.
  • Give yourself the gift of grace. Allow things to unfold. Try not to force or rush the results. That which is worth having is not only worth working for but also worth waiting for.
  • Accept that there are some things you cannot change and let go of any self-limiting beliefs.

It has been said that time heals all things, though I am on the fence as to if this sage advice is true in every situation, I am confident that time in its very essence is a tool for shaping our perspective, which in turn might just heal us along the way.

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