Mindful Mondays – Week 49 – Creativity is the Spice of Life

Creativity, unlike variety, just may be the true spice of life. I was in a meeting recently and I was asking for feedback on a fundraising idea I had. As I spoke, I heard one of the meeting attendees say to another, “someone is a creative thinker”. As a writer, this of course made me smile. In all honesty, it made me warm and fuzzy all over.

One of my life goals is to infuse my creativity into all things I bring into my awareness. I just hadn’t realized it had actually taken effect. Not until it was pointed out to me anyway. The more I write, the more creative I become. So, I suppose it is just natural that my creativity will bleed into all aspects of my life.

Creativity is like having the right key for every door you try to open. It is the magic that allows us to see solutions to obstacles that may be slowing our progress or blocking the way. So, even if you aren’t interested in writing a book or being the next Picasso, boosting your creativity will benefit your everyday life.

Creativity is the Spice of Life

Creativity Boosting Tip #1

Get quiet and imagine. Dream time is never wasted, nor is it frivolous. I like to think that dreaming is to cast your hopes into the future while expecting a positive outcome. Spend time dreaming about your goals, your wishes, your desires, and then take some ‘real life’ action to achieve them. But, nothing in life is achieved without first having dreamed of it.

Creativity Boosting Tip #2

Play time is not only essential to children, but also to adults. Children, thankfully, come by play naturally. Adults occasionally require a little more nudging. What is it that you love to do? Is it going for a hike? Perhaps, reading a favorite book is your idea of fun. Is it playing in the fallen leaves of autumn? Whatever makes you feel invigorated and free, go do that. And do it often. Creativity needs to be replenished and play is one way to boost it into high gear.

Creativity Boosting Tip #3

Have you ever used a mind map? A mind map is a tool I use during my writing process. In a nutshell, I put a question in the middle of a page. I do this old school with a pen and paper, but if you prefer, you can use a computer for this process. I draw a circle around the question in the middle and I draw several short lines extending out from the circle all the way around.

Then I brainstorm all the ways I can answer that question and I write the answers at the end of those first lines and put a circle around them. You then repeat this process with every new circle and before long, your brain is training to use its creativity and find solutions to your questions.

Your Mind Map may look something like this:






Bonus Creativity Boosting Tip

Try something new! Yep, that is right. If you are in need of a real creativity booster, then step outside your comfort zone and try something you have never attempted before. If you’ve never golfed, go out and hit some balls at the driving range. Always listen to the same radio station? Then change it up, listen to talk radio, a pod cast, or even classical music to rev up those creative juices.

Creative thinking is all about stepping outside of the obstacle. You may be your own worst obstacle. Running around in circles in your mind is both tiresome and unproductive. It takes minimal time and effort to get out of your own way so that the creativity flows. The first step is to give yourself permission to do so.

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