Mindful Mondays – Week 48 – Subliminal Success

Subliminal success. Does that sound a little out of your comfort zone? To be honest, I had only dabbled in the world of subliminal influencing until a few weeks ago. Then I stumbled upon an email with a link to download two free audio trials from Subliminal Guru.

As I write this blog post, I am listening to an acoustic version of my chosen audio from Subliminal Guru. My favorite part of these audio downloads is having the ability to take care of emails, blog posts, and the like, while improving my subconscious mind.

Subliminal Success

I never recommend something I haven’t tried and benefited from. I understand that subliminal messaging may not be for everyone but I would be remiss if I didn’t at the very least share the notion with you. After all, many a successful individual uses subliminals to improve their skill, career, and life. Some of these individuals are sport figures, movie moguls, and inspirational speakers.

The Facts:

  • Subliminal messages are short affirmations that when delivered in a way that has an impact on the subconscious mind, help alter the state of consciousness in an individual..
  • According to the Subliminal Guru website, “Subliminal MP3s work by flooding your subconscious mind with thousands of positive affirmations. These positive affirmations are layered over audio (such as relaxation music, or sounds of nature), using a variety of special techniques. These techniques mean the conscious mind doesn’t get to “hear” these messages, yet the subconscious mind does. By exposing your mind to these affirmations over and over, you help to rewire long-standing thinking patterns – helping you to think more positively, lose weight, or gain confidence, for example.”
  • Subliminal messaging has a strong scientific background. Check out a bit about the science behind it on the Subliminal Guru website.

The Benefits:

  • You can use the audio recordings as background music throughout your day (no headphones required) or you can sit in meditation and focus your thoughts and energies while enjoying your chosen audio.
  • Subliminal messages have the ability to spur an individual into action. A daily subconscious reminder of the goals we are striving for.
  • Subliminal Guru has 350 audio downloads available. Everything from getting fit to becoming a better photographer and so much more in between.
  • These messages in the form of positive affirmations, boost your mood. The audio downloads from Subliminal Guru are positive affirmations. I believe strongly in the power of words and thus daily reminders of love, joy, success etc has an immediate positive affect on your state of mind.
  • In relative terms, subliminal messaging works quickly. You should notice a difference in approximately two weeks time.
  • Each audio download is ten minutes long which makes them easy to fit into a busy day. If you find yourself with more time, then simply put the music on repeat and go about your day.

Subliminal Success

My Conclusion:

  • Most days I need to attend to computer work of some kind. Whether it is checking my email or doing my grocery order, I am seated in front of my computer for at least twenty or so minutes each morning. This means, that I have twenty or so minutes of affirmations effortlessly slated into every day.
  • I really enjoy the acoustic soundtrack and tend to just play it on repeat.
  • Each audio download comes with six music or nature sound tracks so I can change the music to fit the mood I am in.
  • There are bonus brainwave audio tracks (not to be used while driving or operating heavy machinery). The brainwave tracks are perfect for meditation or reflection.
  • If you are anything like me, I have more than one area of my life I would like to focus on and improve. I have created a subliminal playlist, all acoustic of course, with four or five differing subliminal message downloads. This means that in one sitting, I am improving my ability to learn new things quickly, maintaining my attitude of gratitude, releasing limiting thoughts, and waking up with energy.
  • Subliminal messaging only works if you actively choose it do so. Nobody can subliminally sell you something you really don’t want to purchase. Just the same as no subliminal audio will make you an exceptional photographer if you never pick up a camera. You don’t lose control of yourself with subliminal messaging. Instead you enhance the aspects of your life you chose to focus on.

Want to give it a try? Click the image above to download your free subliminal audio files and start improving your subconscious mind today!

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