Mindful Mondays – Week 43 – And the Oscar goes to…

Oscar! Both a man’s name and a celebrated achievement for those in the movie industry. Last night, we popped the pop corn, readied the snacks, and decorated in Hollywood style. We sat down to enjoy the 90th Academy Awards with our bets placed and coveted prizes awaiting the announcement of Best Picture.

Oscar is ninety years old and still so slim, so shiny, so gold. It’s no wonder he is at the center of so many theatrical dreams. So when Jimmy Kimmel, whether out of humor or all seriousness, suggested that the shortest acceptance speech of the night would win a jet ski, the room roared with laughter. Funny as it was, it got me thinking.

Taking out the obvious that most of the audience goers at the Academy Awards can afford to purchase their own jet ski. Would anyone really be so willing, when given the chance, to dismiss that moment of importance? Besides being a honor to receive, Oscar is a symbol of a job well done, a validation of sorts.

The Oscar Goes To...

None of us walk through this world without the help of others so I can’t imagine not taking the time to thank all those that walked beside me should the opportunity present itself. With Hollywood and its productions touching our lives, our news feeds, and our hearts on a daily basis, it is easy to forget the courage it takes to create art. Whether it is a feature length film, a musical score, or editing that makes the difference between a masterpiece and a flop, each person involved in the process steps out on a limb and says, “this is me”!

It takes a special kind of courage to share yourself and your abilities with a wide audience. You prepare, you sacrifice, you fret about the work and the end result. Then months, and sometimes even years later, the world gets a glimpse at it. The world, though, is not always filled with delightful things to say. So often we forget that there are real people behind the scenes of our “entertainment”. They have feelings, work ethics, and a desire to communicate something of value to the rest of us.

Perhaps Oscar’s job is to simply remind us that art and stories and creativity march on. A highlight of things long since passed and of those yet to come. Perhaps Oscar isn’t merely a gold statue of success. Maybe Oscar is a reminder of what we are all capable of, no matter the challenges we face.

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