Mindful Mondays – Week 4 – I Am Love

I am love. It is easier said than done to truly love oneself. Yet loving yourself is fundamental to how you view your own successes and failures in life. Human nature often finds us involved in a form of self loathing instead of self love. It happens so often, we don’t always recognize the pattern. Think about it. Have you ever intentionally put yourself down to make someone else feel better about themselves? Even the slightest of personal assaults has the potential to affect how you view yourself.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and scoffed at the reflection staring back at you? How about this one? Have you ever looked at another person and thought, “at least I’m not as fat, thin, tall, short, boisterous (or any other sort of judgement meant to boost your own self esteem) as they are”.  That one snuck up on you, didn’t it? You see, loving yourself fully makes loving others without judgement so much simpler as your bucket of self worth is already full so it is easy to give to others without hesitation.

Every time you treat yourself well, you are stock piling good vibes. These positive attributes will carry you through everyday life and will also help you lead by example on how to live a fully engaged life. How you love yourself is equal to how you love the world around you.

Same steps as last week with a new phrase, “I am love”. For added success in improving your self talk, keep up with the phrases, “I am kind”, “I am joy”, and “I am gratitude” adding, “I am love” to your collection of good things you tell yourself.

Step One:
Wake up and remind yourself, “I am kind”, “I am joy”, “I am gratitude”, and “I am love”.

I Am Love

Step Two:
Head to the washroom, look in the mirror and tell yourself three times or repeat until you start to believe yourself. “I am kind”, “I am joy”, “I am gratitude”, and “I am love”.

Step Three:
Set a personal alarm (phone, watch). Alternatively,  use post it notes in a location you walk by or are present at often throughout the day. Every time your alarm goes off (I suggest every one to two hours) or every time you pass by or glance at your post it note repeat to yourself, “I am kind”, “I am joy”, “I am gratitude”, and “I am love”.

Step Four:
When you are readying yourself for bed, look in the mirror once again and tell yourself three times.“I am kind”, “I am joy”, “I am gratitude”, and “I am love”..

Step Five:
Repeat everyday for a week, then check back here for next week’s tips.

Have a fabulous week. Don’t hesitate to repeat your key phrases any time you think of them. It is also the first thing to pull our when you are faced with a challenge. A little effort goes along way when it comes to self talk. If you haven’t already, soon you will begin to see your day in a new, more positive light as the weeks go by.

Happy Monday!

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