Mindful Mondays – Week 35 – The Magic of NetGalley

NetGalley? Do you know what it is? I certainly didn’t until I immersed myself into the world of fiction writing. Oh my! My head spins when I think about all the books I missed reading, simply because I did not know about this bookish website. So I am here to let you in on the not so little secret about the magic of NetGalley. Did you know that NetGalley is a free service for readers and reviewers looking to get their hands on digital copies of a multitude of books?

We are talking, advanced reader copies from well loved authors that haven’t even seen the fluorescent beams of a well lit book store yet. The NetGalley bookshelves brim with new talent, just emerging into the literary world, as well as many favored authors whose latest titles we eagerly await. In fact, many of the big publishers and authors use the platform to showcase, test, and determine the temperature of their recent literary work from the pool of NetGalley’s avid readers.

Becoming Mrs. Smith on NetGalley

This month, Becoming Mrs. Smith is available for download from NetGalley and I couldn’t be more pleased. Not only do readers/reviewers get to vote on book covers (I love that part!). But they are also invited to request, read, and review as many titles as time allows. Some titles linger for awhile. Others make only a brief appearance. So checking back frequently is the key to getting the most of this wonderful reading experience.

The catch you ask? What is the catch? Well, in order to sign up to be a NetGalley reader you must be a “professional reader”. This distinction means that you work in the industry as a book reviewer, journalist, blogger, librarian, and / or are a bookseller. You are also eligible to register as a professor or educator.

So if I have to be a professional reader, why are you telling me this, you ask? It’s a New Year! Who knows how many of you out there have been contemplating starting your own book review blog. Or, perhaps you and your friends would like to share books in an online book club like setting? I guarantee you that sharing great books with others is a fantastic way to keep you reading and enjoying life.

Since I began sharing my own monthly reads with my newsletter subscribers (yep, you’ve got to sign up HERE to be included), I have not only been a more dedicated and appreciative reader, but my already varied reading list has expanded even further, opening my eyes to a whole new world.

So, if you love books, consider signing up for NetGalley. Be the hero of your own story and share your love of a great book with the rest of the world.

Becoming Mrs. Smith is now available at your favorite digital retailer.



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