Mindful Mondays – Week 25 – Loving Life

Loving life has much to do with good fortune and surrounding yourself with a solid support system. It also is determined by what steps you take each day to make your experience rich and filled with the things you love. This blog post is reaching you a little later than usual today. I was delayed at the hospital waiting for an x-ray for my son. His nose is definitely swollen and bruised and potentially broken.

It occurred to me as we waited, that he was calm, accepting, and prepared to do whatever he needed to. Moving through this process was not without discomfort or patience. There was no whining or even the slightest complaint from him as we spent the day in crowded waiting rooms. The injury is due to a friendly game of prom dress rugby. Yes, you saw that correctly. A game of sevens rugby where all the boys were dressed in prom dresses. The result was a crowd pleasing hour of fun and laughter.

Life is too short to wait...

This brilliant idea came from a rugby Mom. A Mom who knew that raising funds for the team’s rugby tour to Australia was a large undertaking. Along the way, the Live Like Ben Foundation came on board in an effort to raise funds and awareness for a necessary water filtration system in a remote region of Thailand. The rugby tour was originally organized for the team to offer their sweat equity at orphanages throughout Thailand. Sadly, due to world events, the Thailand portion of the trip has been cancelled, but the team remains supportive of the fundraising efforts of the Live Like Ben Foundation and so the game went on.

My son grew up being active in some form or another. He played soccer for many years, though I can’t recall a time that he actually enjoyed it much. We tried baseball and to my dismay, he thought it a boring and slow moving game. Though, he found most of his athletic success in martial arts where he earned his second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, it was rugby that lured him onto a muddy field in weather unbecoming an outdoor sporting event.

He is relatively new to the sport and yet it is something he has come to love in quick succession. The bond these young men have is something unique and awe inspiring. Seldom does a game go by without injury but despite the risks, they take to the field every time with camaraderie and enthusiasm. Simply put, they are loving life through the game of rugby.

Whether it is a sport, a hobby, or even a walk in the woods that makes you love your life. I encourage you to get out there and include those activities which make your life feel whole. You’ll know the moment you arrive at the status of loving your life. You won’t be concerned with the weather or the hour, you will simply venture out to grab hold of it, broken nose and all.

I hope the blog has brightened your day. Thanks for visiting.