Historical For The Holidays

Historical fiction is a passion for me. I am somewhat obsessed with stories and time periods past.  The fashion trends of the early 1900’s alone ignites a fire within me. If it weren’t for the lack of indoor plumbing, I would jump back in time in a heartbeat to glean all that I could from a magical time in history.

This holiday season, I am most excited about joining together with other historical fiction authors in a special Facebook Event. Historical For The Holidays is taking place on Wednesday December 12th beginning at 12:00 PM EST (that is 9:00 AM for all of you on the West Coast). Joining the party couldn’t be easier. Simply click the link (image below), sign in to Facebook, and sign up to attend the event. Then on Wednesday pop on over to Facebook again to chat with over 35 historical fiction authors.

Historical For The Holidays

Historical For The Holidays:

  • Featuring Stephanie Dray – author of My Dear Hamilton
  • M.J. Rose – author of Tiffany Blues
  • Thelma Adams – author of Bittersweet Brooklyn (this title is on my to be read list)
  • Prizes & Giveaways
  • Chat with your favourite historical fiction author
  • Meet some debut authors
  • Hang out in your PJ’s, sip eggnog, and enjoy the party!

I will be popping by the party as a host at 1:30 PM EST (10:30 AM PST) with conversation and questions, as well as a giveaway. I hope to see you there!

I hope the blog has brightened your day. Thanks for visiting.