Mindful Mondays – Week 47 – Burrowing Owl Escape

Burrowing Owl Estate Winery located in Oliver, British Columbia was the first stop on our spring break adventure. As residents of this diverse and beautiful province, Oliver and the surrounding wine country area is far from new to us. Staying at the Burrowing Owl during shoulder season surpassed our expectations and provided us with an exceptional escape from the everyday aspects of life. Our Burrowing Owl stay was an exceptional case of mindfulness.

Burrowing Owl Escape

Special packages are available during shoulder seasons and we purchased a package that included our night’s stay, dinner, and breakfast. If you are considering a visit to BC’s wine region, here are a few of the perks we found while visiting Burrowing Owl before the hustle and bustle of the busy summer season begins.

Peace and Quiet

Did you hear that? Neither did we. The Burrowing Owl Estate was exceptionally quiet and tranquil during our stay. With only one other guest room booked out for the evening, we eased into the calm, pristine, clear air and wandered about the vineyard snapping photos and marveling at the landscape.

A Room of Luxury

A comfortable room is one thing. A fabulously appointed room is quite another. The large guest room boasted a king size bed that when accompanied by the still and silent night, provided a deep and rejuvenating sleep. In addition, the guest room is thoughtfully arranged with a fireplace, a soaking tub, shower, complimentary use of robes and slippers, and a mini fridge to chill any wine purchases from the tasting room.

Take My Breath Away

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Mindful Mondays – Week 42 – Mindfulness in a Snowstorm

Have you ever noticed the magic of being lulled into oblivion by a snowstorm? This past weekend we traveled to Idaho for a Jazz festival that our son was participating in. The first day of travel was pleasant. Though snow adorned the hills and valleys, the roads were clear and safe passage was granted.

The following day as we traveled from our hotel to the festival site, the roads were far less forgiving. A semi truck jack-knifed on an exit ramp was an eerie reminder of what can happen during travel through a snowstorm. It was however, the journey home the next day that made me question one’s ability to be mindful while driving.

White was everywhere. In the air, on the hills, covering the highway. The white out conditions were mesmerizing at best and treacherous at worst. I will admit, I am a nervous passenger by nature. Yet even I found myself being sucked into the vacuum that was the lull of the snowstorm.

Being mindful is often thought of as taking time throughout the day to reflect, be still, and be present. As we crept our way along the highway like a trail of ants destined for the same ant hill, I was struck by the notion of how thoughts, goals, and potential deadlines might be the motivating force for others traveling the same roads.

Mindfulness in a Snowstorm

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Mindful Mondays – Week 26 – Stories Everywhere!

Stories exist all around us. Whether it is in a snipet of conversation we hear while waiting in line at our local coffee shop. Or perhaps, the scene we watch as traffic flows beyond our office windows. Stories are the thread of lives lived. They tell of the past, present, and sometimes even the future.

My enjoyment of country music comes from the stories that lie beneath the rhythm. That little piece of truth that I, as a listener, can appreciate and liken myself to. I am in awe of the stories told through songs. An entire image, beginning, middle, and end in under three minutes. That my friends, is talent.

It has been said that a writer is working as they gaze out a window. This I know to be true as I find myself lost in a story within moments of finding a little idle time on my hands. Truth be told, I seek out that idle time. The time to dream. To create. To make a story come to life in my own mind’s eye. That is how every story I write comes to fruition. First, I see it before me. Then I plan, brainstorm, elaborate, and write.

The stories of the past are the ones that ignite my curiosity along with my creativity the most. This past weekend, I was fortunate to travel to Montreal and Quebec City in the great province of Quebec, Canada. I found myself immersed in our country’s history, rich in detail and full of living stories. Continue reading

Road Trip Rewards…

It has been awhile since we set off on what could truly be called a ‘road trip’. So it was well overdue when we ventured out on our 11 day journey in the car a couple weeks ago. Despite the lines etched into the backs of my legs from where the edge of the seat hit them and a two plus hour car cleaning upon our return, I can happily say it was a successful time away.

Aspen Grove

We safely navigated Washington, Oregon, Utah, California, Nevada, and Arizona. In addition to seeing our fair share of distracted drivers along the way, including one with his interior car light on so he, the driver, could read aloud to his two passengers while he drove in near pitch darkness with no headlights illuminating his way along the I-5. It was the near fatal collision that had me watching other vehicles like a hawk.

There we were, traveling along a fairly quiet and aptly serene winding road on our way to Crater Lake, Oregon. All of the sudden a distracted driver, traveling towards us in the opposite lane, took a very wide berth around a corner. Within moments, we were both keenly aware that we were on course for a head on collision. Looking out our windshield, I could see the driver of the other vehicle directly in front of me, the passenger. Continue reading