Blog or No Blog?

To blog or not to blog. That is the question. Well, that is the question I am asking myself anyway. I have been happily blogging on a regular basis from my website for over four years now. I’ve shared stories about my puppy, travel insights, my writing journey, and a topic near and dear to my own heart, mindfulness.

Times have changed though. Technology has us moving faster through our daily connections to one another. I have competing thoughts on these changes but for now, I am more interested in what you, my readers want. I have a small following of readers who receive automatic updates every time my blog goes live. Other readers see my blog posts by way of varying social media platforms including Goodreads. Even my Amazon Author page updates each time I make a new blog post live.

To say, we are not connected would be inaccurate but are we truly connecting? My thought is there may be a better way to do this. So, this week I want to know more about what you are looking for from me.

Please take a minute to vote.

I hope the blog has brightened your day. Thanks for visiting.