Mindful Mondays – Week 34 – Welcome to the New Year!

New Year’s Eve has come and gone. I hope you celebrated well and arrived home safe and sound. 2018 has so much promise, I am bursting with excitement! A New Year is like supercharging your reset button. If you’re a golfer, it’s a mulligan on steroids.

Not that you want to do everything over again. I am sure there are many aspects of your life that you are absolutely loving. But I bet there are a few things that have been nagging at you these past couple of months. You know the ones. The ideas that won’t let you be. The projects you keep putting aside for when you have a little more time.

Carpe Diem folks! Today is the day. Make it happen for yourself in 2018. Dream big. Aim high. Don’t limit yourself by the hows and whys. Reach for those stars and let your heart show you the way.

Happy New Year 2018

New years are meant to make us think. Celebrate the old, appreciate its gifts. Be gracious and kind for all that you have learned. Then spend a few days sorting through the list of things you want to tackle this year. The key is to dream bigger than your current self perceived limitations. Don’t put yourself in a box before you’ve even attempted something new. How do you know you can’t climb Kilimanjaro if you’ve never taken the goal seriously?

Trust your instincts. They’ve been with you since day one, perhaps now is a good time to start listening to them. The biggest reason for failure of reaching a goal is negative self belief. That comes primarily in the form of negative self talk. Dis-empowering self behaviors and lack of positive affirmations make any goal a much more challenging path than anything needs to be. Believe in yourself and your abilities first and then create a basic plan of how to get there.

Write it down! I repeat. Write it down! The fastest way to lose track of a goal is not remind yourself that you had a goal in the first place. If you want to write a book, then figure out your end goal. When do you want to have your book published? If you want to publish your book before the end of 2018, then get out your calendar and commit to a finish date.

Work backwards from that date to determine your monthly then weekly smaller goals in order to reach the big one. Next, break it down one more time into a daily schedule. What does writing and publishing a book in 2018 look like in your daily calendar? Do you have to write 200 words a day? 500? Or do you need to take your book idea and find a ghost writer?

As you can see, there is always more than one way to get somewhere. It is entirely up to you to decide the path. Keep in mind that goals worth achieving seldom materialize without some effort and sacrifice on your part. Decide your goals while keeping in mind what you are willing and able to put in and give up in order to meet those goals.

Get excited about 2018! It is your New Year. Celebrate it in style, doing what your passionate about.

Happy 2018 to each and every one of you!

I hope the blog has brightened your day. Thanks for visiting.