Mindful Mondays – Week 26 – Stories Everywhere!

Stories exist all around us. Whether it is in a snipet of conversation we hear while waiting in line at our local coffee shop. Or perhaps, the scene we watch as traffic flows beyond our office windows. Stories are the thread of lives lived. They tell of the past, present, and sometimes even the future.

My enjoyment of country music comes from the stories that lie beneath the rhythm. That little piece of truth that I, as a listener, can appreciate and liken myself to. I am in awe of the stories told through songs. An entire image, beginning, middle, and end in under three minutes. That my friends, is talent.

It has been said that a writer is working as they gaze out a window. This I know to be true as I find myself lost in a story within moments of finding a little idle time on my hands.¬†Truth be told, I seek out that idle time. The time to dream. To create. To make a story come to life in my own mind’s eye. That is how every story I write comes to fruition. First, I see it before me. Then I plan, brainstorm, elaborate, and write.

The stories of the past are the ones that ignite my curiosity along with my creativity the most. This past weekend, I was fortunate to travel to Montreal and Quebec City in the great province of Quebec, Canada. I found myself immersed in our country’s history, rich in detail and full of living stories.

The historical buildings are both captivating and inspiring. The ceilings of Notre Dame, St. Patrick’s and others are mind boggling in scope. It certainly had me questioning the work ethic of our current society as compared to those of the 1700’s. To create a masterpiece in architecture without modern conveniences is one thing. To build a place of worship that sustains the test of time is another. In addition to the sheer beauty of each building, the panels of artwork tell a story as they draw your eye upwards in contemplation.

It was fitting that on the flight to Montreal, I began to read an advanced copy of Laura Morelli’s latest novel, The Painter’s Apprentice. Set in 1510 Venice, the story is rich with art history from that era. A lesson which added much insight into the paintings that adorned the churches I visited in Montreal. Laura, a PhD Yale educated scholar, has created a masterful world of Venice in the 1500’s and her imagery transports the reader through the canals and into the workshop of a well respected painter and his journeymen.¬† The Painter's Apprentice by Laura Morelli

It was in Quebec City that I found yet another story to add to my list of writing projects. This list grows faster than I can write them, but I very much look forward to the day that I sit down to tell you the story of the men who through the ages have fought for a country’s freedom and other’s safety. That is a story worth telling, I am certain of it.

So, whether you are sitting on the bus on your commute to the office or cloud gazing on a summer’s day, let the story unfold inside of you. Stories are everywhere just waiting to be released into the world. And everyone has a story to tell, including you. We don’t all have to be writers to do so.


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